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Align Massage and Yoga is run by me, Lydia Andersen. I specialize in providing pain relief from issues in the neck, shoulders, arms, and hands.


Here's what I offer:

30 minute massage

Perfect for a small amount of focus work, a 30-minute massage helps you get that problem area addressed quickly in a short amount of time. This time frame is ideal for relaxation work on the neck and back.

60 minute massage

60 minutes works well for either a relaxation massage that covers all the major muscle groups OR for focusing specifically on 2/3 areas that need more attention.

75 minute massage

This time frame is great for those who feel like 60-minutes just goes by too fast. Good for relaxation work, focus work, or relaxation with a small amount of focus.

90 minute massage

By far the most popular time-frame, 90-minutes allows you time for getting to all the major muscle groups with added focus work on those areas that need it.